Getting My Head In The Game for Business Growth

It’s times like this that I wish my old blog was still around. Even I would read old posts just to remind myself of how far I’ve come as a shy introverted artist type to a mother of 3 kids with a family business and a personal enterprise in the health & beauty market. I have the emails of each post in my gmail archives but it’s not the same.

I’ve been scolding myself for not being more active and assertive but it just wasn’t the right timing. I think that I needed a break to regroup and set new goals for myself and my entrepreneurism. I am addicted to it, being self-employed, I’m free to do what I want when I want and now I need to make it a stable income, it’s been sporadic for way too long.

My word for next year should be Consistency, this year it is Fulfillment which has made me examine what motivates me. I realized how comfortably miserable I am doing just enough to get by so that I can complain about things when it’s up to me to take the necessary steps to get myself to the next stage of growth to feel fulfilled, as a person, as a woman, as a soul, as an entrepreneur.

I’ve taken steps to straighten out my lack of bookkeeping and administrative duties. To be honest with you, and myself, I’ve been a serious slacker with documenting my earnings which have been minimal lately so there isn’t much to write about but it should be no excuse to not treat my efforts like a business and like a hobby. I’ve been wanting to transition to my social media name officially for the longest time and now I’ve got that going on.

Recently I started attending the Small Business Administration‘s free classes for small business owners and wannabe entrepreneurs. Their consult with a SCORE rep helped me hash out my challenges and I’ve just taken in a second class to educate myself on the basics that I’m missing. And I’m so thankful for the professional business mentors that share their time and knowledge with us, it’s amazing free advice! Anyone looking to be an entrepreneur should look them up and use their online resources with everything from business plans to social media marketing.

And so, I continue to strive to improve myself and our family business too which needs some adjustments. I’m learning for the benefit of both since one is an LLC and now the is a DBA. And I feel like a burden is lifting and more like a professional vs. wallowing in misery and defeat. Baby steps, it always starts with those… at a time.

Journaling And Making Plans For Business Growth

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of our company convention. I’m tuning in online to watch a livestream since I not able to attend this year. I’ve also got the #MAIC2016 hashtag on constant refresh to see posts by our brands and colleagues, it’s gonna be great with so many more people on social media than years prior.

The New Moon in Leo was yesterday which is a time for setting goals and intentions for the future and I’ve already been experiencing a flurry of business related activity which is so wonderful to have happen, without really even trying! I’ve been in summer mode but maybe because of convention and the updates that are rolling in, I’ve been looking ahead at developing my little business venture. Perhaps the time has come where I’m feeling strong enough to get in the trenches and showcase the opportunity again after being in maintenance mode for so long.

I’ve been learning how colleagues manage their customers and partners with facebook groups and webinars or conference calls which isn’t something new but now it’s more detailed than generic emails or events. It’s funny how I shy away from initiating these kinds of duties for myself, being the way I am, but I love to attract attention with marketing, it has most likely been to my detriment since my reaching out more would bring people together and be productive for more than just my own enterprise but for my partners too.

I am liking how my calendar is filling up!

More soon…

Blogging Is Still Important To An Entrepreneur But I Find It Challenging


Yes, I know it’s been way too long for me to just jump on here and write way after almost two years of nothing. I find Social Media so much quicker to get my updates onto the web but a blog is also a home base for entrepreneurs so I have made it a priority to get back to writing about my goals, progress and activities.

I admit that I was surprised at the amount of visitor statistics in the WordPress back office tools. Sp-aa-mers found me of course but thankfully I knew to hold comments for approval when I set this blog up while learning the plug-in ropes thanks to some video advice that I followed because I knew, and still don’t know, much about this complex tool which I’m supposed to teach colleagues after I master it, lol, since I am one of the few local experts on web marketing.

Personally, I also had a very challenging period of time where I was feeling very disenfranchised with doing my own thing. My partners that worked closely with me found other priorities and I felt very alone. One of my family member’s also had a health challenge and keeping up my spirits was draining and also caused me to gain weight and break out too. Life always gets in the way, as the saying goes. In Network Marketing it takes a team to build the business and I questioned my achievements, efforts, identity and results which shut me down for a while since my team isn’t mature enough yet to run on it’s own.

With as much knowledge and skill that I have cultivated over the years, it still got under my skin, I didn’t feel like a Leader or Guru for anything. To fuel that fire, I felt that key marketing tools and updated promotional tools were missing, there were minor oversights that just turned into a huge waterfall working against me. Well, at least that’s how I felt and I’m a moody Cancerian and we’re all about the ‘feels’ so that doesn’t help.

As Spring weather finally arrives here in the New York area, I’ve been having leads come back around and old customers have ordered again with out any prompting. It’s really nice to see random action when you are questioning yourself. If you’ve never been in NM then you won’t get why people hang on but when you love the stuff you use and sell, have colleagues with good work ethics, and always keep growing with every training or development within the company, it reminds you why this is the one you chose to begin with. And although I came on board when MA was more like an MLM, seeing it evolve into a mega internet marketing model, still with a comp plan, has also been a big magnet for me and like our CEO says it’s in our DNA if it’s meant to be.

So yes, I’m a hopeless romantic and optimist but I’m also a helper, a friend, a mentor, and a creative type so I need something to guide me in business which MA does for me as an entrepreneur. I see the bigger picture of the Shopping Annuity and I like that it’s still being painted. I believe that we all have the ability to edit our picture, no matter which avenue we take to get there and my new goals are on the palette.

Who else has a renaissance happening in their lives? Or is it just me?

This Week Is Convention for Market America! Follow Along With #MAIC2014

Every year it’s most anticipated event with new product releases and technology updates for UnFranchise owner websites and services. It will be hashtag #MAIC2014 on social media posts and for those that want to watch live broadcasts, they can pay to watch on which offers many free tutorials and videos that anyone can create, when you open an account use my referral email LisaMoffa @ if prompted.

I’m still getting used to this new WordPress blog and find it a challenge to restart again. I want to write and share photos about my business adventures and thoughts but utilize social networks to do that although I know that having a blog is vital to my personal branding as an entrepreneur utilizing the network marketing and business development system so that I can stand out among the field for my skills and knowledge as I build my team and train them on what I’ve learned in social media and internet marketing.

I expect new leads to be hearing about the latest press and wanting information about joining the company. My hope is to give interested prospects the support materials and business overview they are looking for and send them a Partner Now invite for self-registration with the Fast Start Program that includes about $600 in retail product along with the registration application fee and management support included to start up anyone serious about getting started.

Here’s a link to one of the latest press releases on mobile shopping app updates: Digital Journal

Overwhelmed With WordPress Blogging

I’m still watching YouTube videos and looking up reviews for WordPress Plug Ins to use on this blog. There are so many options so I’m very thankful for the many helpful people that list their favorites and why a small business blogger, like myself, needs them.

For now I’m pleased with the blog layout and colors, still have to customize the pages and arrangement but it’s really hard starting over, my heart goes out to those with absolutely no experience whatsoever in the blogosphere. At least I’m familiar with key words, categories, topics and images with a good dose of social media marketing know-how for cross promotion to integrate my posts with the rest of my social media profiles.

I am excited about the ability to incorporate more features in my blog and to really showcase my growth as entrepreneur.  Anyone that is embarking on the journey of self-employment or a small business venture should blog. If you can write a good thoughtful post on Facebook then I believe a person can blog, it’s just a more career minded approach.

Partnering with the Market America UnFranchise helps me focus my thoughts, I’m sure many Network Marketers can relate to sharing tips and how-to information. It helps train your team and attract new prospects for product and business if done well and not like a blatant commercial with pop up ads and email captures. I don’t mind subscribing up for a newsletter but let me read the info first and give me a chance to decide if its worthy of adding to my cache of email. LOL

Okay, off to check out some book marks that I pinned on Pinterest and favorited on Twitter. Hashtags have helped me search for the latest WP info, if you are a newbie too, learn how to look up anything with a “#” infront of it….it’s just what we do!

To Begin Again

Careful what you wish for…is all I keep saying to myself. I’ve been kicking around the idea for months about moving my blog from GoDaddy’s QuickBlogCast to WordPress. I would explore the WP articles and YouTube videos but honestly found it a bit beyond my skill level and complicated. .. and so I put it off.

The technology available to me via the Market America web presence is state of the art but I only need to do basic data entry and basically share the info for the products to make sales and network to find new partners and grow my organization. Most folks in MA barely use internet marketing or the social media strategy that I have learned to develop for my personal branding over the years to establish my web presence. Its an ongoing, ever-changing, business world for entrepreneurs these days.

Only recently has the company that I work with gotten the field to utilize social media, mostly via Facebook and Instagram. The Gen Y and Millenial crowd have already grasped this but are just starting to find out about the leverage they can find by becoming an MA distributor that offers the latest shopping incentives to create a income for things we do every day anyhow while keeping their freedom from any 9 to 5 job with their smart phones and devices.

I’ll fess up right now that I’m not a fan of Apple, too confining to stay within their technology although it is incredible, I prefer the open source tools of Google and Droid. Recently I decided to get a Samsung Note tablet which I’m still learning how to use along with a new Dell laptop after my five year old one fried due to an old battery wiping it out….for me there’s so much to learn on top of this new WP blog! And I blame it on Mercury Retrograde, yeah the astrology term, because it’s like the Murphy’s Law of technology! At least its passed for now.

So, here’s to new beginnings and creating the economy of the future!

Exploring my ability to find the latest tips and resources to make money with my own web business and save money by creating my own economy of getting paid to shop for everyday expenses.